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What do committee members do? - Good Club Guide [The ASA]

Executive Committee

Member Position
Pippa Baird Honorary Secretary
Lucie Black Chairperson of the Supporters Committee
David Broome Deputy Chairman and Whites Organiser
John Clayton Membership and Registration Secretary
Jane Lancaster Honorary Treasurer
Barbara Lancaster Shop Manager
David Maxwell Swimmers’ Respresentative
Ophelia Rix Honorary Championship Officer and Away Gala Officer
Bob Saeed Parent Liason
Pam Smith Child Welfare Officer
Vicki Spencer Home/Away Gala Organiser
Rod Wardle Chairman

Supporters’ Committee


  • Lucie Black - Chairperson
  • Helen Butterfield - Vice Chairperson / Secretary
  • John Murdoch - Treasurer
  • Nadine Booker
  • Karen Emerson
  • Bobak Saeed
  • Sarah Stott
  • Doreen Thompson


As in most amateur sporting organisations, and certainly in our Club, fund raising is of the utmost importance. For this reason, in the Spring of 1980 it was decided that the Club needed a Supporters’ Committee whose responsibilities would include fund raising.

Supporters’ Committee activities are extremely varied, ranging from stewarding galas, to fund raising, to arranging social functions such as dances for parents and swimmers. On Mondays, the ‘Club Night’ fund raising activities include a book stall, lucky dip and a lucky number draw. While at galas we have tombolas, raffles and games.


Everyone can contribute in some way to the Supporters Club activities. You may be able to:

  • Raise money
  • Help at galas in a variety of ways
  • Bring fresh ideas


Richard Denigan | Head Coach
0113 39 57360
James Richards | Senior Age Group Coach
0113 39 57359
Craig Robinson | Junior Age Group Coach
0113 247 5250

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