12 July 2009

First­ly, the club would like to thank all par­ents who helped with time­keep­ing over the week­end. Your help was great­ly appre­ci­at­ed. Next, con­grat­u­la­tions to the City of Leeds medal winners.


Ben Young (5), Jor­dan Hilliard (2), Thomas Mack­rell (2), Kiya Gill (2), Lucy Ful­ton (2), Lau­ra Pur­cell (2), Lau­ren Croft (2), Rebec­ca Toul­son (2), Guneet Bachra (2), Iso­bel West, Emi­ly Gor­don, Elliott Holt, Jack McAu­li­ffe, Phebe Robin­son, Megan Davies, Con­nor Rough­ley, Lau­ra Smith, Jes­si­ca Lew­ing­ton, Lucy Jen­nings, Alice Fish­er, Rebec­ca Dick­in­son, Daniel Paget, Jake Green, Lin­da Shaw (2), Rebec­ca Hay, Sam Law­man , Ryan Mor­timer, Ais­ling Mad­den, Fin­lay Law­less-Coombes, James Bla­by, Han­nah Thomp­son, Sophie Hussain.


Daniel Paget (2), Lau­ra New­some (2), Alice Fish­er (2), David Keigh­ley (2), Matthew White­head (2), Ben Tay­lor-Walsh, Rebec­ca Dick­in­son, Paul Sharples, Jes­si­ca Nunn, Guneet Bachra (2), Lin­da Shaw, William Steven­son, Christo­pher Williams, Rebec­ca Toul­son, Emi­ly Gor­don, Thomas Mack­rell, Lucy Jen­nings, Han­nah Senior, James Water­worth, Adam Smith, Hay­ley Maud, Ben Bloom, James Bla­by, Rebec­ca Davies, Jor­dan Thomp­son, Fabio Lare­do, Jor­dan Hilliard (2), Jake Green, Sam Law­man (2), Angus Hall, Ruby Hud­son, Francesca Wright, Ash­ley Woell­ner, Ben Tay­lor-Walsh, Chloe Wan, Ryan Mor­timer, Ais­ling Madden.


Paul Sharples (4), Eliz­a­beth Lowe (2), Con­nor Rough­ley (2), Ker­ry Goldthor­pe (2), Phebe Robin­son, Ash­ley Woell­ner, Hay­ley Maud, Chelsea Lit­tle­wood, Ruby Hud­son, Antho­ny Pfirsch, Kiya Gill, David Keigh­ley, Francesca Wright, Mil­lie Brown, Angus Hall, Lucy Ful­ton, Elliott Holt, Iso­bel Rycroft, Rebec­ca Toul­son, Emi­ly Gor­don, Jor­dan Hon­ey­wood, Han­nah Thomp­son, Kristy Davis, Franch­esca Fletch­er, Luke Shilli­to, Martha Sav­ille, Lau­ra Smith, Ash­ley Woell­ner , Samuel Gautry, Adam Smith, Kim­ber­ley East­wood, Ben Tay­lor-Walsh, Jor­dan Hilliard, Han­nah Senior, Lau­ra Pur­cell, Stephen Clark-Web­ster , Chris Ozy­er, Geor­gia Coates, Fabio Lare­do, Ker­rie Goldthor­pe, Lau­ren Croft.

Speed­ing Tickets

Lucy Jen­nings (5), Sophie Hus­sain (3), Jes­si­ca Lew­ing­ton, Jas­mine Han­son, Ben Bloom, Eddis­son Munoz (3), Jor­dan Hon­ey­wood, Geor­gia Coates (2), Megan Ban­non, Jes­si­ca Lew­ing­ton, Ben Young, Isobal Rycroft, Kiani Camp­bell-Grady (2), Rebec­ca Dickinson.

And final­ly, a video of some sat­ur­day night dancing: