12 July 2009

Firstly, the club would like to thank all parents who helped with timekeeping over the weekend. Your help was greatly appreciated. Next, congratulations to the City of Leeds medal winners.


Ben Young (5), Jordan Hilliard (2), Thomas Mackrell (2), Kiya Gill (2), Lucy Fulton (2), Laura Purcell (2), Lauren Croft (2), Rebecca Toulson (2), Guneet Bachra (2), Isobel West, Emily Gordon, Elliott Holt, Jack McAuliffe, Phebe Robinson, Megan Davies, Connor Roughley, Laura Smith, Jessica Lewington, Lucy Jennings, Alice Fisher, Rebecca Dickinson, Daniel Paget, Jake Green, Linda Shaw (2), Rebecca Hay, Sam Lawman , Ryan Mortimer, Aisling Madden, Finlay Lawless-Coombes, James Blaby, Hannah Thompson, Sophie Hussain.


Daniel Paget (2), Laura Newsome (2), Alice Fisher (2), David Keighley (2), Matthew Whitehead (2), Ben Taylor-Walsh, Rebecca Dickinson, Paul Sharples, Jessica Nunn, Guneet Bachra (2), Linda Shaw, William Stevenson, Christopher Williams, Rebecca Toulson, Emily Gordon, Thomas Mackrell, Lucy Jennings, Hannah Senior, James Waterworth, Adam Smith, Hayley Maud, Ben Bloom, James Blaby, Rebecca Davies, Jordan Thompson, Fabio Laredo, Jordan Hilliard (2), Jake Green, Sam Lawman (2), Angus Hall, Ruby Hudson, Francesca Wright, Ashley Woellner, Ben Taylor-Walsh, Chloe Wan, Ryan Mortimer, Aisling Madden.


Paul Sharples (4), Elizabeth Lowe (2), Connor Roughley (2), Kerry Goldthorpe (2), Phebe Robinson, Ashley Woellner, Hayley Maud, Chelsea Littlewood, Ruby Hudson, Anthony Pfirsch, Kiya Gill, David Keighley, Francesca Wright, Millie Brown, Angus Hall, Lucy Fulton, Elliott Holt, Isobel Rycroft, Rebecca Toulson, Emily Gordon, Jordan Honeywood, Hannah Thompson, Kristy Davis, Franchesca Fletcher, Luke Shillito, Martha Saville, Laura Smith, Ashley Woellner , Samuel Gautry, Adam Smith, Kimberley Eastwood, Ben Taylor-Walsh, Jordan Hilliard, Hannah Senior, Laura Purcell, Stephen Clark-Webster , Chris Ozyer, Georgia Coates, Fabio Laredo, Kerrie Goldthorpe, Lauren Croft.

Speeding Tickets

Lucy Jennings (5), Sophie Hussain (3), Jessica Lewington, Jasmine Hanson, Ben Bloom, Eddisson Munoz (3), Jordan Honeywood, Georgia Coates (2), Megan Bannon, Jessica Lewington, Ben Young, Isobal Rycroft, Kiani Campbell-Grady (2), Rebecca Dickinson.

And finally, a video of some saturday night dancing: