13 May 2009

Congratulations to the following swimmers who medalled at the above meet held at the Aquatics Centre, JCCS.


Douglas Walker (4), Jacob Seddon (3), Rosie West (2), Ryan Newsome (2), Richard Thompson (2), Sam Bloom, Alais Ricard, Emily Fisher.


William Stevenson (4), Rebekah Birrell (2), Emily Jones (2), Luke Morris (2), Emma Hildyard (2), Jake Rylatt (2), Katherine Fisher (2), Alais Ricard (2), Adam Davis, Olivia Ferriday, Douglas Walker, Ben Holdsworth, Sam Bloom, Joe Morris, Kristy Davis, Christopher Williams.


Rebekah Birrell (5), William Stevenson (5), Adam Davis (3), Peter Fawcett, Cleo Gorringe, Adam Smith, Emily Jones, Alais Ricard, Johanna Wilton, Emma Hildyard, Olivia White, James Thompson, Richard Fryer, Olivia Ferriday, James Towler, Matthew Graham, Rebecca Mottershaw, Jacob Seddon, Freddy Hoban, Joe Morris, Angus Hall, Ryan Newsome.

It was disappointing however, to note the number of club swimmers who did not go to the presentation ceremony for their event to collect their medal. This is not acceptable, you should be proud to swim for the City of Leeds Swimming Club.

Finally SportsAid would like to thank all the people who helped out at the weekend. Without these unpaid volunteers, there would be no swim meet.

John Cole
Club Manager