16 August 2010

Five days of great per­for­mances from every swim­mer con­tributed to the team win­ning the Nation­al Age Group Team Cham­pi­onship title for the sec­ond time in three years. A fan­tas­tic achieve­ment for all involved. 

Top club final standings

Top club

  1. City of Leeds 208
  2. Nova Centurion 190
  3. Stockport Metro 170

Top boy’s club

  1. Millfield 156
  2. Plymouth 115
  3. City of Leeds 108

Top girl’s club

  1. Nova Centurion 143
  2. Team Bath 103
  3. City of Leeds 100

Day 1 (28/07): Gra­ham, Thomp­son and Camp­bell-Grady Make Podium!

The first morn­ing heats start­ed with excep­tion­al per­for­mances from every­one. Nine morn­ing heat swims con­vert­ed to 8 mak­ing finals. 

After­noon 1500m heats gave the team their first medal of the cham­pi­onships. Nico­la Gra­ham swam a life­time best (LTB) per­for­mance to win a bronze medal. Rebekah Bir­rell con­tin­ued her great start to the Cham­pi­onships by swim­ming a 32 sec­ond life­time best to fin­ish 7th after mak­ing two finals from her two heat swims in the morn­ing session. 

The finals ses­sion saw more suc­cess for the City of Leeds swim­mers. Rebekah Bir­rell and Amy Light both came 7th in life­time best per­for­mances in their respec­tive age group cat­e­gories for 200m indi­vid­ual med­ley. Kiani Camp­bell-Grady swam LTB to fin­ish 10th in the 100m freestyle, while Rebekah Bir­rell com­pet­ed in her sec­ond final of the evening swim­ming to a 10th placed position. 

James Thomp­son swam his first final of the cham­pi­onships in the 200m breast­stroke. After an over excit­ed heat swim James per­formed a very con­trolled race to win a Sil­ver medal in a new LTB. The teams last final of the evening saw Kiani Camp­bell-Grady win her first medal of the cham­pi­onships in the 200m back­stroke in a LTB

Sam Bloom swam a LTB in the 200m breast­stroke in the morn­ing heats, A fan­tas­tic first day! 

Day 2 (29/07): Gold & Sil­ver for Walk­er, Sil­ver for Light and Sil­ver for Bennett!

After a fan­tas­tic first day, the sec­ond morn­ing saw some phe­nom­e­nal swims, 14 heat swims saw 9 through to the evening finals. Kiani Camp­bell-Grady, Rebekah Bir­rell and Katy Fish­er all swam LTB in the 400m freestyle and Chris Green­wood swam a LTB in the 200m butterfly. 

The boys 1500m heats proved to be a suc­cess fol­low­ing on from the girls 1500m on the open­ing first day. Dougie Walk­er swam a LTB by 29 sec­onds to fin­ish 4th, while Blake Ben­nett fin­ished in the sil­ver medal posi­tion in a 18 sec­ond LTB. Jacob Sed­don was our third team mem­ber to com­pete in the boys 1500m, Jacob swam a fan­tas­tic 18 sec­onds LTB that he achieved just six weeks ear­li­er at the NER championships. 

The first of the finals on day 2 was the girls 400m freestyle. After an impres­sive start on Day 1, Nico­la Gra­ham con­tin­ued her fine form fin­ish­ing 7th in a LTB. Blake Ben­nett fin­ished 10th in the 200m but­ter­fly just short of the LTB he set in the morn­ing heats. Dou­glas Walk­er swam a well paced race to win Gold in the same but­ter­fly final as Blake, Dougie swan LTB both in the morn­ing heats and final, a great con­ver­sion. Fred­dy Hoban com­pet­ing in his first Nation­al Cham­pi­onships made his age group 200m but­ter­fly final in a LTB to fin­ish in 7th Place. Nico­la Gra­ham com­pet­ing in sec­ond final of the finals ses­sion fin­ished 10th just out­side the LTB she set in the morn­ing heats of the 200m breast­stroke. Amy Light con­tin­ued her fan­tas­tic start to the cham­pi­onships. Day 2 Amy qual­i­fied sec­ond fastest in the 200m breast­stroke in LTB con­vert­ing again in the final to win her first Nation­al Sil­ver medal. Katy Fish­er was the teams next final­ist, Katy swam a 2-sec­ond LTB to make the final of the 100m but­ter­fly, she con­vert­ed again in the final to knock-off anoth­er 1.5 sec­onds to fin­ish in 6th posi­tion. Katy was anoth­er swim­mer that had qual­i­fied for Nation­al Cham­pi­onships and rose to the occa­sion. Next was our Nation­al Cham­pi­on Dougie Walk­er swim­ming in the 200m indi­vid­ual med­ley, still on a high from his vic­to­ry in the 200m but­ter­fly, Dou­glas con­vert­ed again the LTB he swam in the morn­ing heats to win a sil­ver medal. A fan­tas­tic first day for Dou­glas. The last event of the evening was the girls 4 x 100m freestyle team. Nico­la Gra­ham lead the team off in a LTB, the oth­er three girls fol­lowed suit Rebekah Bir­rell, Lin­da Shaw and Amy Light all swim­ming 1:02 for their respec­tive legs. The team fin­ished in 5th place. 

Day 3 (30/07): 7 Heat swims, 6 mak­ing Nation­al Finals!

Day 3 was off to a great start with Dou­glas Walk­er and Blake Ben­nett mak­ing finals in their age group of the 400m freestyle, Dougie also made the 200m back­stroke final to add to his col­lec­tion of fan­tas­tic swims so far. The girls did not let them­selves down, all three of the girls, Rebekah Bir­rell, Katy Fish­er and Rebec­ca Mot­ter­shaw made their respec­tive age group finals in the 200m but­ter­fly all in LTB

The dis­tance events in the after­noon ses­sions proved to be as suc­cess­ful as the first two days. Leeds had three girls in the 800m freestyle, each of them fin­ished in the top 10 in their respec­tive age groups. Kiani Camp­bell-Grady swam a fan­tas­tic 22 sec­ond LTB to fin­ish 8th, Rebekah Bir­rell pro­duced anoth­er LTB by 15 sec­onds to fin­ish 9th and Nico­la Gra­ham swam a LTB to fin­ish 7th after hav­ing emer­gency phys­io­ther­a­py in the morn­ing due to her neck mus­cles in spasm. 

The finals ses­sion on Day 3 pro­duced some out­stand­ing swims. First in for Leeds were Dougie Walk­er and Blake Ben­nett in the 12years 400m freestyle, both improved on their LTB from the morn­ing heats to fin­ish 5th & 6th respec­tive­ly. Dou­glas was in again in the final of the 200m back­stroke, Dou­glas fin­ished in 8th place just short of the LTB he post­ed in the morn­ing heats. 

Next were the 200m but­ter­fly girls. Rebekah Bir­rell and Katy Fish­er com­pet­ing in the 12years final. Rebekah Bir­rell fin­ished 10th place col­lect­ing a bag full of final rep­re­sen­ta­tion for the City of Leeds. Katy Fish­er came into the com­pe­ti­tion with a LTB of 2:36 in the 200m but­ter­fly, Katy swam the heats and made the final with a LTB of 2:30.12, Katy kept her nerve in her sec­ond Nation­al final to swim a fur­ther 2.8 sec­onds faster (2:27) to fin­ish in 4th posi­tion, a fan­tas­tic swim from Katy. Rebec­ca Mot­ter­shaw swam in the 13 years 200m but­ter­fly final, qual­i­fy­ing in 10th posi­tion Rebec­ca dropped anoth­er sec­ond from the 4 sec­onds she dropped in the morn­ing heats to post anoth­er LTB (2:26) to fin­ish 8th in the final. A great result for Rebec­ca and the team. 

Day 4 (31/07): Male and Female 100m breast­stro­kers win Bronze and Ben­nett makes podi­um again!

The City of Leeds swim­mers on Day 4 morn­ing heats put sol­id per­for­mances in to make evening finals, Blake Ben­nett, James Thomp­son, Amy Light and the Girls 4 x 200m freestyle team all made it through to evening finals in their respec­tive events. Chris Green­wood kept his 100% LTB record at his first Nation­al Cham­pi­onships swim­ming a 4 sec­ond LTB in the 100m butterfly. 

The after­noon, Boys 800m heats pro­duced two fan­tas­tic swims from Blake Ben­nett and Dou­glas Walk­er. Blake was swim­ming in one of the ear­li­er heats so had to swim against the clock to gain any chance of mak­ing the podi­um. Blake swam a 29 sec­ond LTB to win a Bronze medal. Dou­glas fol­lowed Blake in the heats remain­ing, con­tin­u­ing his excel­lent per­for­mances Dou­glas swam an 18 sec­ond LTB fin­ish­ing in 4th posi­tion behind his team mate. 

Day 4 finals ses­sion saw the City of Leeds young­sters swim fan­tas­ti­cal­ly well once again. Blake Ben­nett fin­ished in 9th place in the 200m freestyle James Thomp­son fin­ished 9th in 100m but­ter­fly fol­low­ing a LTB to qual­i­fy for the evening finals. Amy Light and James Thomp­son fin­ished in Bronze medal posi­tions in the 100m breast­stroke in their respec­tive cat­e­gories. Both Amy and James swam LTB in the morn­ing heats and con­vert­ed to swim faster in the evening finals. That’s the way to do it! The Girls 4 x 200m freestyle team were dis­qual­i­fied unfor­tu­nate­ly, how­ev­er the girls war­rant a spe­cial men­tion as all four girls con­vert­ed by some mar­gin to improve their heat time. Well done to, Amy Light, Rebekah Bir­rell, Katy Fish­er and Nico­la Gra­ham.

Day 5 (01/08): 100% LTB in 400m IMs & Walk­er Podi­ums again!

The morn­ing heats of the final day of the Nation­al Age Groups Cham­pi­onships were very suc­cess­ful. Both Male and Females had 100% LTB in the morn­ing heats along with both med­ley teams mak­ing finals. Kiani Camp­bell-Grady swam first in a 3 sec­ond LTB, Rebekah Bir­rell then swam an 8 sec­ond LTB to make the 12 year old final, Amy Light swam only her 2nd 400m IM in her career swim­ming a 5 sec­ond LTB, Nico­la Gra­ham was the last of the girls to swim in the event in which she made the 13 year old final in anoth­er LTB per­for­mance. Next… The boys were back in town!! Richard Maw­son com­pet­ed first for the boys with a 4 sec­ond LTB, Jacob Sed­don kept his 100% LTB per­for­mances at the cham­pi­onships swim­ming a 6 sec­ond LTB, Dou­glas Walk­er and Blake Ben­nett swam a 16 sec­ond and 10 sec­ond LTB respec­tive­ly to make the 12 year olds final and final­ly James Thomp­son swam a LTB in his final indi­vid­ual event of the Cham­pi­onships. The Girls med­ley team of Rebekah Bir­rell, Amy Light, Katy Fish­er and Nico­la Gra­ham qual­i­fied for the evening finals whilst the boys med­ley team matched the girls also qual­i­fy­ing for their final. Lead off by Fabio Lare­do in a LTB in the 100m back­stroke, Sam Bloom, James Thomp­son and Har­ri­son Day kept the good start turn­ing it in to a great finish. 

The con­clud­ing finals ses­sion brought a fan­tas­tic fin­ish to an awe­some week of age group swim­ming for the City of Leeds. Rebec­ca Bir­rell dropped a fur­ther 3 sec­onds to fin­ish 5th in anoth­er LTB per­for­mance. Nico­la Gra­ham swam under the 5:10 (5:09.99) to fin­ish 7th in a LTB. Blake Ben­nett and Dou­glas Walk­er com­pet­ed in the 12 year old 400m indi­vid­ual med­ley final, after swim­ming mas­sive LTB in the heats Dou­glas equalled what he swam in the morn­ing to win a sil­ver medal whilst Blake dropped a fur­ther 5-sec­onds to fin­ish in 4th place in a LTB. The Girls med­ley team of Rebekah Bir­rell, Amy Light, Katy Fish­er and Nico­la Gra­ham fin­ished 5th all swim­ming under their LTB as did the boys med­ley team of Fabio Lare­do, Sam Bloom, James Thomp­son and Har­ri­son Day fin­ish­ing in 10th posi­tion. Fabio lead the team off in a LTB of 1:05, Sam dived in to swim 1:12, James Thomp­son main­tain his 1:04 from ear­li­er in the week and Team Cap­tain Har­ri­son Day fin­ished with a 0:58. An excel­lent team performance. 

Con­grat­u­la­tions to all the swim­mers, you swam excep­tion­al­ly well and we are all very proud of each and every one of you.