12 August 2011

A large team of 44, many of whom were trav­el­ling to an away meet for the first time, came home from Swansea with 31 medals; includ­ing 12 gold.

Dai­ly Reports

Day 1

City of Leeds start­ed the 2011 Welsh Sum­mer Nation­als in a pos­i­tive man­ner with many of the teams 44 swim­mers pro­duc­ing life­time best per­for­mances in their first swims. After the morn­ing and after­noon heat ses­sions City of Leeds had 12 final­ists for the first finals session.

The first finals ses­sion showed that the City of Leeds were with­out doubt the most vocal team on pool­side as the final­ists set the tone for the rest of the week.

First up Olivia White swam to a sil­ver medal in the Girls 50m breast­stroke from lane 8 in a life­time best. Next up Lewis Evers, Richard Maw­son, Callan Jack and David Keigh­ley went in the Boys 200m indi­vid­ual med­ley. Lewis fin­ished 1st, close­ly fol­lowed by Richard in 2nd, with Callan Jack being just touched out to 4th place. David Keigh­ley fin­ished in 8th with all four of the boys pro­duc­ing life­time bests. Jes­si­ca Man­ning and Abi­gail Bur­ton fol­lowed the boys and pro­duced the sec­ond 1 – 2 fin­ish of the evening for the City of Leeds with Jess fin­ish­ing 1st just ahead of Abi in 2ndin the Girls 200m indi­vid­ual med­ley both with life­time best performances.

Lewis and Callan returned to the pool for their sec­ond final of the evening and were joined by Toby Kitch­ing in the Boys 100m back­stroke. Lewis won his sec­ond gold of the evening with Callan fin­ish­ing 6th and Toby 8th. The final swims of the evening were Jess and Abi in the Girls 100m back­stroke. Jess pro­duced a best time to fin­ish 2nd with Abi fin­ish­ing 8th just out­side her best.

Day 2

The sec­ond day of com­pe­ti­tion start­ed with the Boys and Girls 400m freestyle in the morn­ing heats. With the City of Leeds swim­mers con­tin­u­ing their form from the night before Lewis Evers, Richard Maw­son and Callan Jack fin­ished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Boys event with Abi­gail Bur­ton fin­ish­ing 2nd in the Girls event all with life­time best swims.

The after­noon heats ses­sion fin­ished with the City of Leeds hav­ing 8 final­ists for the day 2 finals ses­sion and a host of life­time best performances.

First up in the finals was Joe Mor­ris who fin­ished 3rd in the Boys 50m freestyle just out­side his best time set in the heats. Next was Lin­da Shaw who fin­ished in 1st again just out­side her life­time best set in the heats.

David Keigh­ley was the City of Leeds only rep­re­sen­ta­tive in the final of the Boys 100m breast­stroke and he pro­duced a life­time best to fin­ish just out­side the medals in 4th. In the Girls 100m breast­stroke, Jes­si­ca Man­ning won her sec­ond gold medal of the com­pe­ti­tion, break­ing the meet record in the process, with Lay­la Black pro­duc­ing an out­stand­ing swim to come 3rd in a life­time best. Abi­gail Bur­ton came 8th just out­side her best time from the heats.

Fin­ish­ing the day in the pool were Lin­da Shaw and Olivia White in the Girls 200m indi­vid­ual med­ley. Both pro­duced life­time best per­for­mances with Lin­da fin­ish­ing 2nd and Olivia 4th.

Day 3

With the com­pe­ti­tion mov­ing into its third day the City of Leeds were going from strength to strength. With the heats for the 200m back­stroke and 100m freestyle pro­vid­ing near­ly all of the teams 44 swim­mers with swims and life­time best per­for­mances to go with them the City of Leeds sup­plied 13 final­ists for the day 3 finals, their high­est tal­ly so far.

Olivia White led the way in the finals ses­sion for the sec­ond time dur­ing the com­pe­ti­tion. After a con­trolled heat swim Olivia pro­duced a life­time best per­for­mance in the to come 2nd in the Girls 100m breaststroke.

In the Boys 200m back­stroke Lewis Evers swam to his third gold medal of the com­pe­ti­tion with Callan Jack fin­ish­ing 3rd and Richard Maw­son 5th, all in life­time best times. In the Girls 200m back­stroke Jes­si­ca Man­ning came 4th and Abi­gail Bur­ton 6th again in life­time best times.

The Boys 100m freestyle saw Lewis win his fourth gold of the com­pe­ti­tion fin­ish­ing first, just out­side his best time. Richard Maw­son came 5th in a life­time best and Callan Jack 8th, just out­side his time from the heats. In the Girls 100m freestyle Abi­gail Bur­ton won her first Gold Medal in a life­time best with Jes­si­ca Man­ning fin­ish 6th, just out­side her heat time. Cleo Gor­ringe, swim­ming in her first final, fin­ished 4th in the Girls 100m freestyle equalling her life­time best.

The final swim of the day saw Lin­da Shaw take to the water in the Girls 800m freestyle. After a tough swim Lin­da fin­ished in 7th falling just short of her life­time best.

Day 4

Day for pro­vid­ed a wel­come rest for many of the City of Leeds swim­mers, how­ev­er the 8 swim­mers who did swim man­aged to pro­duce 7 life­times best times swim them­selves into 5 finals.

The after­noon heat ses­sion fin­ished with the Girls 200m freestyle team win­ning the sil­ver medal after post­ing an out­stand­ing time in the first of two heats.

Lin­da Shaw took to the water first in the Girls 50m back­stroke fin­ish­ing in 8th just out­side of her life­time best from the morn­ing heats. Next in the water were Lewis Evers, Callan Jack and Richard Maw­son in the Boys 200m but­ter­fly. Despite all three boys pro­duc­ing life­time best swims they fin­ished 4th, 5th and 7th. Final swim of the day was Maise Boyes in the Girls 200m but­ter­fly. Maise pro­duced her sec­ond life­time best of the day to fin­ish in 7th in her first final.

Day 5

Day five saw a return to the pool for most of the City of Leeds teams 44 swim­mers with 8 swim­mers mak­ing the evening finals ses­sion after the morn­ing heats. In the after­noon ses­sion Richard Maw­son pro­duced a life­time best per­for­mance to win the Boys 400m indi­vid­ual med­ley and break the meet record with Callan Jack fin­ish­ing 3rd in anoth­er life­time best time.

In the finals ses­sion Olivia White again set the tone with a scin­til­lat­ing swim in the Girls 200m breast­stroke. Olivia pro­duced a life­time best swim to win gold lead­ing from start to finish.

In the Boys 200m freestyle Lewis Evers, Richard Maw­son and Callan Jack gave the City of Leeds their sec­ond 1, 2, 3 of the com­pe­ti­tion. Lewis fin­ished in 1st with Richard 2nd and Callan 3rd all beat­ing their times from the heats. In the Girls 200m freestyle Abi­gail Bur­ton won her sec­ond gold of the com­pe­ti­tion, fin­ish­ing first in a life­time best and meet record time. Jes­si­ca Man­ning swam a life­time best to come 4th and Ker­rie Sin­clair, com­pe­ti­tion in her first final of the com­pe­ti­tion, fin­ished 7th, just out­side her best time set in the heats.

The last swim of the day was Ben Young in the boys 100m but­ter­fly. Ben fin­ished 7th in a very close final, just out­side the life­time best he set in the heats.

Day 6

With every­one feel­ing the effects of five days of hard rac­ing the City of Leeds swim­mers pro­duced a fan­tas­tic dis­play of tough swim­ming to main­tain their lev­el of per­for­mance on the final day of competition.

Olivia White pro­duced a life­time best in the Girls 400m indi­vid­ual med­ley to win the bronze medal with five swim­mers secur­ing them­selves a place in the last final ses­sion of the competition.

Lewis Evers fin­ished off his week with 2nd in the Boys 100m but­ter­fly in a life­time best time. Jes­si­ca Man­ning and Amelia Clynes came 4th and 6th respec­tive­ly in the Girls 100m but­ter­fly both just short of their life­time bests.

The City of Leeds fin­ished their cam­paign with Lay­la Black and Abi­gail Jack in the Girls 200m breast­stroke final. Fight­ing each oth­er all the way Lay­la and Abi­gail both pro­duced life­time best times. In a close fin­ish Lay­la touched 3rd to win her sec­ond medal with Abi­gail 4th in her first final of the competition.

After 6 days and 18 ses­sions of tough swim­ming the City of Leeds fin­ished the week with:

  • 12 Gold
  • 12 Sil­ver
  • 7 Bronze
  • 55 Final­ists

Well done to every­one involved for an enjoy­able and reward­ing week.