26 March 2011

22 Golds, 19 Silvers and 19 Bronzes concludes a successful 2011 Yorkshire Championships campaign.

The final day of the 2011 Yorkshire SA Age Group/Open Championships was the 50m sprints held and Ponds Forge, Sheffield on Saturday 19th March 2011.

City of Leeds Swimming Club were represented by swimmers from the National Senior, Youth and Age Group Squads, the Regional Senior and Youth Squads and the Competition and Development Squads.

There were many best times over the two sessions and City of Leeds Swimmers returned with 22 Gold, 19 Silver and 19 Bronze Medals with a further 56 finalists.

Congratulations to all the swimmers.

Gold (22)

Billy Walker (2), Kiani Campbell Grady (2), Sophie Hobbah (2), Jake Lambert (2), Blake Bennet (2), Ellie Jones, Phebe Robinson, James Thompson, Jessica Manning, Euan Cowan, Katherine Fisher, Rebeca Mottershaw, Freya Resendez, Matthew Vose, Chloe Adams, Sophie Taylor

Silver (19)

Euan Cowan (2), Liam Birrell (2), Lucy Emerson (2), Jake Lambert, Rebekah Birrell, Matthew Smith, Chantel Madden, Dougie Walker, Sam Lawman, Hannah White, Freya Resendez, Anna Cheesbrough, Leah Crisp, Jessica Manning, Fabio Laredo, Rebecca Davis

Bronze (19)

Jessica Manning (2), Emily Fisher (2), Thomas Coates (2), Sophie Hobbah, Abigail Burton, Jacob Seddon, Matthew Vose, Billy Walker, Maddei Fale, Harry Devlin, James Thompson, Phebe Robinson, Linda Shaw, Freya Resendez, Dougie Walker

Finalists (57)

Samuel Wardle, Leah Crisp, Rachel Pillinger, Layla Black, Oliver Bingham, Stephen Cooper, Tide Dracup, Thomas Coates, Jacob Butetrfield, Toby Kitching, Blake Bennett, Thomas Gaskell, Daniel Hall, Lewis Evers, Cleo Gorringe, Linda Shaw, Rebecca Mottershaw, Freya Resendez, Joanne Simpson, Sophie Taylor, Tom Braginton, Matthew Graham, Angus Hall, Daniel Gill, Rachel Mawson, Ellie Jones, Amber Mason, Abigail Burton, Phebe Robinson, Matthew Kenneth, Chloe Adams, Georgia Coates, Kiani Campbell Grady, Rebekah Birrell, Methieu Ehret, Harrison Day, Joe Morris, Emily Jones, Anna Cheesbrough, Matthew Smith, Anna Bellwood, Daniel Clement, Shaheen Alghofari, John Cooper, Beth Reid, Nicola Graham, Dougie Walker, Freddy Hoban, Rebecca Davis, Kristy Davis, Victoria Gnandt, Amelia Clynes, Jemma Aylesbury, Emily Vose, Rebecca Toulson, Dom Beech, Sam Lawman.