21 June 2013

The second weekend of the NER Age Groups saw many phenomenal swims to top off some of the most spectacular racing the club has seen at regional level.

The club occupied all three podium positions on six occasions during their domination of the weekend’s competition. The relay teams also performed well; medalling in every event. Overall, we collected almost six times more gold medals than the second placed team.

Medal tally (after two weekends)

2013 2012
Gold 60 35
Silver 37 22
Bronze 23 28

In addition to the 120 medallists there were 164 finalists (placing 4th - 10th). Our tally of 60 gold medals meant that we won just under half of all of the gold medals (124) that were available over the two weekends.

Congratulations to all the swimmers who achieved personal best times, medals and national times. We hope that these results will help to fuel a positive approach in the lead up to local and National Championship events.

Thank you to the team managers who were an amazing support over both weekends, their contribution unquestionably helped us achieve the heights we reached.