17 December 2013

Sat­ur­day saw our team advance to the nation­al final of the ARE­NA League by win­ning the North East ARE­NA League Final for the third year in a row. 

Final standings

  1. City of Leeds 248
  2. Sheffield ‘A’ 217
  3. Doncaster Dartes 174
  4. Borough of Kirklees 167
  5. City of Newcastle 159
  6. Gateshead & Wickham 84

An out­stand­ing 28 first places from 50 events helped to fend off our near­est rivals, and saw the Sharks through to the Nation­al Final in the last week­end of April 2014

Thanks to all those who helped organ­ise and run the A’ Final this week­end, of which there were many. Your sup­port is great­ly appreciated.