30 November 2015

Team Leeds were in action at the Corby International Pool for the seventh year in a row yesterday. The coaches and club are really pleased with the effort and performances, improving on last year’s result by three places.

Final standings

  1. City of Guildford 320
  2. Stockport Metro 291
  3. City of Leeds 254
  4. Southport 198
  5. Plymouth Leander 183
  6. Gateshead 175
  7. City of Norwich 173
  8. Northampton 167

The coaching team definitively observed improvement in racing skills from all of the team. Tia Ward received Top Girl in the 12 years age group for her performances in the individual events, where she put some world class dolphin kick skills to devastatingly good use.

Support from the ‘Frenzy’ was excellent all day, but we would like to offer our utmost gratitude to our representative officials: David Broome, Andrew Russell and Gerald Cowan. Also, our sincerest appreciation to Emma Ferriman for organising logistics, and finally our thanks and congratulations to Jo Yeomans for her very first outing as a Junior League Team Manager.

“A Team Above All. And Above All A TEAM.”