24 February 2016

Find out more about upcom­ing train­ing for both untrained and trained offi­cials and who to contact. 

  • We will be pro­vid­ing yet more tech­ni­cal offi­cial train­ing over the com­ing months, ini­tial­ly for the first stage (J1), but also for any­body who wish­es to take the next lev­el J2/J2S train­ing. The ini­tial J1 ses­sion takes approx­i­mate­ly 2 hours depend­ing on num­bers and you can find con­tact details at the end of this article.
  • Walt Tay­lor has a copy of the lat­est USA Offi­cials Train­ing video, which cov­ers all strokes, and we would like to invite all Tech­ni­cal Offi­cials, either qual­i­fied and/​or in train­ing, to view and dis­cuss. ASA North East used these videos at their last sem­i­nar and they are a real­ly use­ful way to under­stand the stroke requirements.
  • Final­ly, a quick reminder that we need to catch-up with those that have start­ed their cours­es (all lev­els) to see what we need to do to get their work­books signed off” and dis­cuss any issues or problems.

Please could we respect­ful­ly request that any­body inter­est­ed in any of the above, con­tact Vic­ki Spencer, David Broome or Walt Tay­lor at any Club Night. We can then arrange dates, ide­al­ly a Club Night, but oth­er days can be con­sid­ered for those unable to make Mon­day nights.