6 May 2016

Well done to Sophie Hob­bah, Jes­si­ca Teale and Tia Ward, who col­lec­tive­ly claimed 8 medals for the Eng­land Pro­grammes team in Lig­nano Sab­bidadoro, Italy.

Sophie Hob­bah

BronzeJunior Girls 200m Backstroke2:18.46
4thJunior 4 x 100m freestyle relay59.69 (split)
5thJunior 800m freestyle9:13.05 PB
5thJunior 200IM2:20.55
7thJunior 50m breaststroke35.56

Jes­si­ca Teale

BronzeYouth 200m freestyle2:10.38
BronzeYouth 4 x 100m freestyle relay59.98 (split)
4thYouth mixed 4 x 200m freestyle relay2:13.81
6thYouth 100m freestyle1:00.60
8thYouth 50m freestyle28.43

Tia Ward

GoldYouth 200IM2:21.24
GoldYouth 400IM4:58.40
Sil­verYouth 800m freestyle9:03.05
BronzeYouth 4 x 100m med­ley relay1:07.17 (split)
BronzeYouth 200m backstroke2:18.66
6thYouth 100m backstroke1:06.60