27 November 2017

The team return from Corby triumphant after winning the Junior League Grand Final for the fifth time.

Well done to all swimmers who took part in the Junior Swim League and ensured City of Leeds came out on top in all 3 rounds. The Grand Final was an exciting afternoon with lots of fast racing and fun, and it was great to see you all supporting each other and working together as a team. Out of 49 races, City of Leeds bagged 28 1st place finishes, which helped us claim overall victory over second placed Guildford by just 10 points! An outstanding performance by all.

Special mention to Daniel Ransom (9 yrs) and Anna Ashcroft (10 yrs) who received top boy and girl awards respectively for their performances in the individual events, some of which were meet records.

Parents, thank you for all the effort that went in to supporting the team; you were all excellent, you looked good and it really helped to motivate the swimmers.

Well done to the swimmers, coaches, team managers and supporters for a fantastic event and an outstanding victory.

Final standings

  1. City of Leeds 330
  2. Guildford 320
  3. Stockport Metro 223
  4. Camden Swiss Cottage 211
  5. Derby 177
  6. Southport 168
  7. Tynemouth 165
  8. Leicester Sharks 152

Meet records set

Event Name Time
Girls 9 yrs 4x25m Freestyle Relay Gabrielle Idle-Beavers, Charlotte Shaw, Hannah Smith, Emma Wood 1:01.66
Boys 9 yrs 4x25m Freestyle Relay Aniel Ransom, Jacob Talbot, Arthur Firth, Oliver Brompton 1:00.14
Boys 10 yrs 4x25m Freestyle Relay Kourosh Khodakhah, Thomas Milner, Harry Senior, Theodore Rosenberg 59.08
Girls 9 yrs 4x25m Medley Relay Evie Harris, Gabrielle Idle-Beavers, Hannah Smith, Emma Wood 1:11.77
Boys 9 yrs 4x25m Medley Relay Jacob Talbot, Daniel Rensom, Oliver Brompton, Matthew Just 1:11.44
Boys 9 yrs 50m Breaststroke Daniel Ransom 41.65
Boys 9 yrs 50m Backstroke Daniel Ransom 36.94
Girls 10 yrs 50m Butterfly Anna Ashcroft 33.26
Boys 9 yrs 25m Butterfly Oliver Brompton 16.31

City of Leeds Junior League History

Year Place Points
2017 1st 330
2016 2nd 282
2015 3rd 254
2014 6th 192
2013 1st 301
2012 1st 321
2011 1st 321
2010 1st 322