6 August 2009

Well done to all the swimmers that competed at the ASA National Age Group Championships. This time it was the boys that propped the team up with a 6th place finish in the Top Men’s Club standings helping us to 6th place in the overall Top Club.

There was lots of tough racing from our swimmers, and the vast majority of swims resulted in lifetime best times. It’s also worth noting that the chaperones were very pleased with the swimmers’ conduct and in particular with how tidy their rooms were kept! You could teach some of the older swimmers a thing or two…

Keep it up guys!

Daily Highlights

Wednesday 22/7

Girls 1500m freestyle

  • Nicola Graham GOLD 12yrs 18:24.83

Boys 400m freestyle

  • Douglas Walker 4th 11yrs 4:45.98

Boys 200m breaststroke

  • Jacob Seddon 7th 11yrs 3:02.41
  • James Thompson SILVER 12yrs 2:43.55
  • Matthew Graham 4th 14yrs 2:32.89

Girls 200m backstroke

  • Anna Ward 4th 12yrs 2:28.74

Boys 4 x 100m freestyle relay

  • 7th 3:50.52 (M Graham, P Fawcett, J Morris, R Newsome)

Thursday 23/7

Boys 1500m freestyle

  • Dominic Beech 5th 12yrs 18:13.97
  • Ryan Newsome 4th 14yrs 16:29.10

Boys 200m butterfly

  • Blake Bennett 6th 11yrs 2:36.44

Girls 200m breaststroke

  • Freya Resendez 9th 13yrs 2:45.04

Girls 200m butterfly

  • Anna Ward 4th 12yrs 2:30.85

Boys 200m individual medley

  • Douglas Walker BRONZE 11yrs 2:36.78

Friday 24/7

Girls 800m freestyle

  • Nicola Graham 5th 12yrs 9:37.73

Boys 200m backstroke

  • Matthew Graham 8th 14yrs 2:15.66

Saturday 25/7

Boys 800m freestyle

  • Dominic Beech 7th 12yrs 9:33.52
  • Ryan Newsome 8th 14yrs 8:41.87

Boys 200m freestyle

  • Douglas Walker 4th 11yrs 2:17.41

Girls 100m backstroke

  • Anna Ward 5th 12yrs 1:10.02

Boys 100m breaststroke

  • Jacob Seddon BRONZE 11yrs 1:23.34
  • James Thompson SILVER 12yrs 1:15.53

Girls 100m butterfly

  • Freya Resendez 10th 13yrs 1:17.12

Girls 4 x 200m freestyle relay

  • 8th 9:01.71 (N Graham, J Simpson, A Ward, F Resendez)

Sunday 26/7

Boys 400m individual medley

  • Blake Bennett 5th 11yrs 5:30.92

Live Results - British Gas ASA National Age Group Championships