6 August 2009

Congratulations to our Girls Youth Team who picked up the Top Girl’s Club award at the British Gas ASA National Youth Championships in Sheffield.

Medal tally

  • 8 gold
  • 7 silver
  • 2 bronze

Our girls amassed a total of 194 points, earned through copious medals and final placings, to top the standings by over 90 points. This helped us into 2nd place in the overall Top Club award, behind only Plymouth Leander who had over 50 swimmers at the meet, in comparison to our 20.

Special congratulations to Emma Graham and Danielle Hall-Jackson who both set British Age Group Records in the 1500m freestyle in the 16yrs and 14yrs age groups respectively. Also well done to Anne Bochmann who broke 2008 Olympian Fran Halsall’s 15yrs British Age Group Record in the 200m individual medley.

The meet also incorporated the British Gas National Championships which saw our disabled swimmer Claire Cashmore set a new European Record in the 200m IM for the SM9 category and a new British Record in the 100m breaststroke for the SB8 category. Our only other senior swimmer, Siroos Saeed was unluckily struck down by illness just a few days before the meet but did well to lower his own Iranian standard in the 200m butterfly.

Overall, the week of racing was a huge success, with the team claiming 8 golds, 7 silvers and 2 bronze medals. This owed much to the great team spirit within the camp, as witnessed and commented on by many. Lastly, a big thank you to the swimmers, coaches and chaperones who all contributed towards a great team triumph.

Monday 27/7

2km Open Water (17-24yrs)

  • Stephen Waterhouse GOLD 24:03.10

Tuesday 28/7

Girls 400m individual medley

  • Anne Bochmann GOLD 14/15yrs 4:48.87
  • Hannah Wardle 10th 16/17yrs 5:02.79*

Girls 200m backstroke

  • Anne Bochmann 5th 14/15yrs 2:18.98

Womens MD 200m individual medley

  • Claire Cashmore 4th 2:37.36* European Record SM9-category

Wednesday 29/7

Girls 800m freestyle

  • Danielle Hall-Jackson GOLD 14/15yrs 8:48.19*
  • Lucy Emerson 6th 14/15yrs 9:03.84*
  • Anne Bochmann 9th 14/15yrs 9:06.71
  • Emma Graham GOLD 16/17yrs 8:45.37*

Girls 100m freestyle

  • Anne Bochmann GOLD 14/15yrs 57.32*
  • Emma Graham 4th 16/17yrs 56.91*

Girls 100m breaststroke

  • Avril Kiritschenko SILVER 16/17yrs 1:11.53*
  • Hannah Wardle 9th 16/17yrs 1:13.28

Girls 4 x 200m freestyle relay

  • SILVER 8:15.79 (Emma 2:01.72*, Danielle 2:05.32, Lucy 2:05.74, Anne 2:03.01)

Thursday 30/7

Boys 100m freestyle

  • James Harrison SILVER 17/18yrs 51.50 (51.34 sf*)

Womens MD 100m breaststroke

  • Claire Cashmore SILVER 1:21.91* British Record SB8-category

Mens 200m butterfly

  • Siroos Saeed 8th 2:03.36 (2:02.98 h* Iranian Record)

Friday 31/7

Girls 1500m freestyle

  • Danielle Hall-Jackson GOLD 14/15yrs 16:41.34* British 14yrs Record
  • Emily Fisher 8th 14/15yrs 17:28.34*
  • Emma Graham GOLD 16/17yrs 16:41.48* British 16yrs Record

Girls 200m freestyle

  • Danielle Hall-Jackson BRONZE 14/15yrs 2:05.35 (2:05.25 sf*)
  • Lucy Emerson 10th 14/15yrs 2:10.15 (2:05.97 sf*)
  • Emma Graham BRONZE 16/17yrs 2:02.49

Womens MD 100m butterfly

  • Claire Cashmore 4th 1:12.73

Girls 100m butterfly

  • Bethany Coggins 8th 14/15yrs 1:04.02

Womens MD 50m freestyle

  • Claire Cashmore BRONZE 30.48

Girls 4 x 100m medley relay

  • SILVER 4:18.64 (Anne 1:05.09*, Avril 1:12.70, Beth 1:04.13, Emma 56.72)

Saturday 1/8

Womens MD 100m backstroke

  • Claire Cashmore 6th 1:15.35

Girls 200m butterfly

  • Anne Bochmann SILVER 14/15yrs 2:16.31*
  • Bethany Coggins 7th 14/15yrs 2:19.54
  • Anna Cheesbrough 8th 14/15yrs 2:21.61*

Girls 200m individual medley

  • Anne Bochmann GOLD 14/15yrs 2:15.50* British 15yrs Record

Boys 50m freestyle

  • James Harrison 6th 17/18yrs 23.83*

Sunday 2/8

Girls 400m freestyle

  • Anne Bochmann GOLD 14/15yrs 4:17.01
  • Danielle Hall-Jackson SILVER 14/15yrs 4:19.47*
  • Emma Graham SILVER 16/17yrs 4:16.98

Girls 4 x 100m freestyle relay

  • 4th 3:52.59 (Emma 57.21, Lucy 59.53, Danielle 59.29, Anne 56.56)

KEY: * - Personal Best Time; sf - semi-final; h - heats