11 October 2010

City of Leeds triumphantly reignite Arena League campaign after a five year hiatus.

Final standings

  1. City of Leeds ‘A’ 349
  2. City of Sheffield ‘A’ 295
  3. Doncaster Dartes 260
  4. Harrogate & District 247
  5. City of Leeds ‘B’ 238
  6. Gateshead & Wickham 157
  7. City of Sheffield ‘B’ 125
  8. Tynemouth 124

For the first time in five years eight teams from the North East of England assembled at Ponds Forge, Sheffield, to compete in the National Arena Swimming League. The competition consists of two Qualifying Rounds, followed by a Regional Final, with the teams fighting for a place in the National Swimming League Finals, held at Ponds Forge in Sheffield on 17th April 2011.

The competing teams in this years North Eastern League are City of Leeds ‘A’ & ‘B’, City of Sheffield ‘A’ & ‘B’, Doncaster Dartes, Harrogate & District, Gateshead & Wickham and Tynemouth.

The competition was fierce, with Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and Harrogate all recording early victories. As the noise levels rose and the swimmers and supporters got into the swing of things, the competition really came to life. Despite the teams trading victories, as the evening progressed it became a two horse race and despite strong efforts from Doncaster, Harrogate and the City of Leeds ‘B’ Team, it was left to the City of Leeds ‘A’ and City of Sheffield ‘A’ teams to fight it out for overall victory. The City of Leeds eventually finished on top with City of Sheffield in second place and a mere 22 points separating third to fifth places.

Well done to everyone involved.