9 November 2010

City of Leeds’ BACGAT Swimmers in particular, dominate proceedings at short course NER Championships in Sunderland.

Medal tally

  • 27 gold
  • 23 silver
  • 15 bronze

The first weekend in November saw the City of Leeds Swimming Club take swimmers from the National Senior, Youth, Age Group, Competition Central and Regional Senior and Youth Squads to the Sunderland Aquatic Centre for the British Gas ASA NER Championships (25m). The event was held over 2 days with the Senior and Junior Age Groups swimming in one pool and the BAGCAT swimmers swimming concurrently in a second pool.

Over the weekend there were many best times swum in both pools, with the City of Leeds returning home having won 65 medals. The clubs top performers came in the BAGCAT pool with Kiani Campbell-Grady winning 5 gold medals closely followed by Blake Bennett, Richard Mawson and Jess Manning who all won 4 gold medals.




Blake Bennett (4), Jess Manning (4), Chloe Adams (2), Kiani Campbell-Grady (5), Rebekah Birrell (3), Lewis Evers, Richard Mawson (4), Daniel Hall, Katherine Fisher (2)


Chantel Madden, Richard Mawson (3), Kiani Campbell-Grady (3), Katherine Fisher, Blake Bennett, Jess Manning


Jacob Seddon, Balke Bennett (2), Jess Manning, Katherine Fisher, Lewis Evers, Chantel Madden, Richard Mawson, Harrison Day



Gareth Mills, Danielle Hall-Jackson


Ross Glegg, Sophie Taylor (2), Matthew Allison (2), Gareth Mills (2), Alex Jones, Joe Sibbery, Rebecca Whaling, Matthew Vose, Hannah Wardle, Mens 800m freestyle Team


Matthew Vose, Chris Wilkinson, Rebecca Davis, Mens 400m medley Team, Womens 400m medley Team, Mens 400m freestyle Team

Well done to everyone.