15 April 2011

Meet lives up to its name with many Leeds swimmers posting qualifying times for the National Age Group Championships.

Swimmers from the National Youth, National Age Group and Competition Squads were represented at the City of Leeds National Age Group Qualifier Meet. It was a busy day of swimming for all involved with little time for recovery between events.

All the swimmers responded well to the challenge with many swimmers achieving qualifying times for North East Regional Championships or National Age Group Championships. City of Leeds were well represented in the finals sessions.

Gold (32)

Katy Fisher (4), Rebecca Mottershaw (4), Eddisson Munoz (3), Blake Bennett (3), Douglas Walker (3), Kiani Campbell Grady (3), Linda Shaw (2), Abigail Burton (2), Rebekah Birrell, Jacob Seddon, Harrison Day, Joanne Simpson, Freddy Hoban, Toby Kitching, Tom Gaskell, Jacob Seddon

Silver (25)

Eddisson Munoz (4), Kiani Campbell Grady (4), Joanne Simpson (2), Toby Kitching (2), Rebekah Birrell (2), Rebecca Mottershaw (2), Jacob Seddon, Katy Fisher, Fabio Laredo, Abigail Burton, Chris Greenwood, Jess Lewington, Lewis Evers, Jame Thompson, Freddy Hoban

Bronze (23)

Phebe Robinson (4), Eddisson Munoz (2), Richard Mawson (2), Chris Greenwood (2), Rebekah Birrell, Freddy Hoban, Cleo Gorringe, Abigail Jack, Jemma Aylesbury, Jess Lewington, William Finn, Fabio Laredo, Dom Beech, Toby Kitching, Harrison Day, Lewis Evers, Jacob Seddon


Lewis Evers, Chris Greenwood, Ben Taylor Walsh, Callan Jack, Rob Taylor, Hannah White, Emeleye Sanders, Melissa Robinson, Abigail Jack, Olivia Dixon, Kiani Campbell Grady, Jemma Aylesbury, Jess Lewington, Cleo Gorringe, William Finn, Richard Mawson, Dan Hall, Harrison Day, Dom Beech, Elliott Holt, Fabio Laredo, Tom Braginton, Linda Shaw, Dan Brooke Mawson, James Coates, Guneet Bachra, Georgia Coates, Jordan Perkins, Zoe Kitching, David Keighley, Jessica Priest, Toby Kitching, Tom Gaskell, Olivia Ferriday, Hannah Senior, Kimberley Eastwood, Eloise Boyes, Freddy Hoban