2 March 2011

Leeds swimmers excel over both weekends as Commonwealth Games finalist Anne Bochmann and volunteer Jack Ferriday receive awards.

First Weekend - 19/20 February

The first weekend of the 2011 Yorkshire ASA Age Group/Open Championships was held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. The City of Leeds Swimming Club were represented by members of the National, Regional, Competition and Development Squads.

Over the 2 days of competition City of Leeds had 155 finalists winning 64 medals, a fantastic achievement.

Gold (24)

Blake Bennettt (4), Leah Crisp (3), Billy walker (2), Freya Resendez (2), Freddy Hoban (2), Kiani Campbell Grady (2), Anna Cheesbrough, Harrison Day, abio Laredo, James Thompson, Sophie Taylor, Daniel Gill, Lucy Emerson, Euan Cowan, Alex Jones

Silver (21)

Rebecca Mottershaw (2), Douie Wlaker (2), Jacob Butterfiled (2), Jessica Manning (2), Liam Birrell, Freya Resendez, Emily Vose, Anna Cheesebrough, Jacob Seddon, Harrison Day, Matthew Graham, Sophie Taylor, Euan Cowan, Kiani Campbell Grady, Sophie Hobbah, Eddison Munoz, Oliver Bingham

Bronze (20)

Emily Vose (2), Maise Boyes, Liam Birrel, Shaheen Alghofari, Phebe Robinson, Rebecca Mottershaw, Freya Resendez, Emily Fisher, Emily Jones, Dougie Walker, Freddy Hoban, Matthew Graham, James Thompson, Joe Sibbery, Brannon Pearson, Abigail Burton, Sophie Hobbah, Matthew Vose, Jacob Lambert

Second Weekend - 26/27 February

The second weekend of the 2011 Yorkshire ASA Age Group/Open Championships was held a week later at the Aquatics Centre, John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds.

During the meet, Anne Bochmann was presented with the Henry Dixon award for Outstanding Swim of the Year.

Jack Ferriday was presented with the Vincent and Margaret Horner Trophy for Outstanding Volunteering Services to swimming.

Over the 2 days of competition City of Leeds had 181 finalists winning 71 medals, another fantastic achievement.

Gold (24)

Freya Resendez (4), Blake Bennett (3), Dougie Walker (2), Freddy Hoban (2), Rebecca Mottershaw (2), Chloe Adams (2), William Walker (2), Jessica Manning (2), Joe Sibbery, Emily Vose, Matthew Allison, Jacob Lambert, Kiani Campbell Grady

Silver (25)

Dougie Wlaker (2), Freddy Hoban (2), Euan Cowan (2), Sophie Hobbah (2), Blake Bennett, Jacob Seddon, Liam Birrell, Matthew Graham, Abigail Burton, Rebekah Birrell, Emily Vose, Freya Resendez, Alex Jones, Daniel Gill, Emily Jones, Jacob Lambert, Oliver Bingham, Kiani Campbell Grady, Matthew Vose, Anna Cheesebrough, Fabio Laredo

Bronze (22)

Eddison Munoz (2), Dougie Walker (2), Olivia White (2), Oliver Bingham (2), Jacob Butterfield (2), Emily Fisher (2), Jacob Seddon, Lewis Evers, Joe Sibbery, Pheobe Robinson, Rebekah Birrell, Freya Resendez, Emily Jones, Harrison Day, Leah Crisp, Toby Kitching