25 November 2019

Well done to all the swim­mers who took part in the Junior Swim League 2019. After 3 rounds of swim­ming Leeds came out the strongest in all 3 rounds and were crowned the Nation­al Junior League cham­pi­ons for the third year running. 

It cer­tain­ly was an excit­ing after­noon with lots of fast rac­ing and fun. It was great to see you all sup­port­ing each oth­er and work­ing togeth­er as a team. City of Leeds came out on top with 19 first place fin­ish­es. An excel­lent team effort, WELL DONE!

Final standings

  1. City of Leeds 337
  2. Guildford City 294
  3. Camden Swiss Cottage 232
  4. City of Coventry 199
  5. Norwich 187
  6. Stockport 184
  7. Leamington Spa 183
  8. Southport 138

A big thank you to all the sup­port­ers amongst oth­ers who pro­vid­ed all the hats and flags etc. Par­ents, thank you for all the effort that went in to sup­port­ing the team, you were all excel­lent, you looked great and it real­ly helped moti­vate the swimmers.

There were too many amaz­ing swims to men­tion them all indi­vid­u­al­ly but a spe­cial well done to Jacob O’Don­nell (9yrs), Vale­ria Pin­era-Levi­ta (10yrs) and Daniel Ran­som (11yrs) who achieved awards for top Boy and top Girl in their age groups.

City of Leeds vic­to­ry was the prod­uct of an excel­lent team per­for­mance and out­stand­ing sup­port, with our colour­ful and vocal sup­port­ers cheer­ing the team all the way.

Well done to swim­mers, coach­es, team man­agers and sup­port­ers for a fan­tas­tic event and an out­stand­ing victory.

City of Leeds Junior League History

20191st = 337
20181st = 337
20171st = 330
20162nd = 282
20153rd = 254
20146th = 192
20131st = 301
20121st = 321
20111st = 321

A Team Above All. And Above All A TEAM.”