Last updated: 18 March 2024.

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Event Name Time Date Competition Venue
50m Freestyle Matthew Just 00:25.00 18/02/2023 Yorkshire Championships Sheffield
100m Freestyle Jonathan Milner 00:55.20 29/05/2016 Co Cardiff Open Meet Cardiff
200m Freestyle William Hicklin 01:59.46 03/08/2023 Swim England National Summer Meet Sheffield
400m Freestyle Ryan Newsome 04:14.67 22/07/2009 National AG Championships Sheffield
800m Freestyle Ryan Newsome 08:45.47 25/07/2009 National AG Championships Sheffield
1500m Freestyle Ryan Newsome 16:29.10 23/07/2009 National AG Championships Sheffield
50m Backstroke Daniel Ransom 00:29.07 17/12/2022 City of Leeds Christmas Cracker Leeds
100m Backstroke Daniel Ransom 01:01.61 12/02/2023 Yorkshire Championships Leeds
200m Backstroke Danny Hall 02:13.72 08/06/2013 ASANER Age Group Champs Sheffield
50m Breaststroke Daniel Ransom 00:31.06 24/07/2022 British Summer Championships Sheffield
100m Breaststroke Harry Devlin 01:06.46 17/04/2015 British Championships London
200m Breaststroke Harry Devlin 02:24.33 14/04/2015 British Championships London
50m Butterfly Matthew Just 00:25.72 18/02/2023 Yorkshire Championships Sheffield
100m Butterfly Thomas Wooffindin 00:58.24 18/12/2023 NSC Winter Festival Corby
200m Butterfly Thomas Wooffindin 02:08.51 15/03/2024 Derby Excel Spring Qualifier Sheffield
200m Individual Medley Daniel Ransom 02:13.34 04/02/2023 Yorkshire Championships Leeds
400m Individual Medley Thomas Wooffindin 04:42.02 09/03/2024 ESSA Coventry


Event Name Time   Date Competition Venue
50m Freestyle Hollie Wilson 00:26.57   01/05/2023 SENER Open/Youth Championships Sheffield
100m Freestyle Hollie Wilson 00:56.56   26/07/2023 European Youth Olympic Festival Maribor
200m Freestyle Hollie Wilson 02:02.02   27/07/2023 European Youth Olympic Festival Maribor
400m Freestyle Leah Crisp 04:18.72   30/07/2016 British Summer Championships Sheffield
800m Freestyle Danielle Hall-Jackson 08:48.19   29/07/2009 National Youth Championships Sheffield
1500m Freestyle Danielle Hall-Jackson 16:41.34 BR 31/07/2009 National Youth Championships Sheffield
50m Backstroke Tia Ward 00:30.97   11/02/2017 Yorkshire Championships Sheffield
100m Backstroke Sophie Hobbah 01:04.11   27/07/2016 British Summer Championships Sheffield
200m Backstroke Sophie Hobbah 02:14.78   29/07/2016 British Summer Championships Sheffield
50m Breaststroke Layla Black 00:32.21 BR 23/06/2015 European Games Baku
100m Breaststroke Layla Black 01:09.26 BR 27/06/2015 European Games Baku
200m Breaststroke Layla Black 02:26.60 BR 30/07/2015 British Summer Championships Sheffield
50m Butterfly Isabelle Goodwin 00:27.71   24/07/2019 British Summer Championships Glasgow
100m Butterfly Amelia Clynes 00:59.96 BR 12/07/2014 European Junior Championships Dordrecht
200m Butterfly Amelia Clynes 02:11.46 BR 10/07/2014 European Junior Championships Dordrecht
200m Individual Medley Ciara Schlosshan 02:15.69   16/04/2016 British Championships Glasgow
400m Individual Medley Ciara Schlosshan 04:51.84   12/04/2016 British Championships Glasgow